Kate Schmutter

Naturopath,Counsellor, Nutritionist,Homeopath, Herbalist, Scientist

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You cannot live the life of your dreams if you feel unwell.

My philosophy is that you can treat problematic parts of the

body and you will improve, but why stop there?

By treating your life and body as one, mentally, emotionally,

physically and spiritually you are guaranteed to excel.

Why settle for a life where you just feel ok? Don’t you want to soar?

Don’t you want to jump out of bed in the morning excited to meet the day? 

Don’t you want to have dreams and have the energy to chase them? 

Don’t you want to help and inspire others?

Don’t you want to be one of those people who absolutely shines,

and along the way giving permission for those around you to also


Perfect health is constantly advertised as a point you reach in life where if you do this diet, do this exercise, lose this weight – you will reach the place where you are perfectly healthy, happy and everything is easy.

This is a great big whopping lie.

Great health takes time and daily perseverance. Health is a choice and a state of mind.

It is many little decisions made during the day that will lead you to the point where you are healthier. 

It is being aware of your thoughts during the day that drive your actions.

It is hard for us to acknowledge sometimes that it is our own behaviours that are making us sick. Once we are aware and take responsibility then our behaviour can change.

And then by making these small (or large changes if you’re that kind of person), you will start to have more days where you feel better than not, and eventually you will have day after day where you feel fantastic, positive and like you can achieve anything.


I will help you get to this point. 


It is my mission to assess your health, lifestyle, motivation, drive and limiting beliefs so we can plan for your healthy future.

Together we will work out what level of health you want to achieve, whether it be peak fitness, healthy ageing, reducing inflammation or just losing a couple of kg.

I will be there guiding the way and teaching you the tools to take over management of your own health.

I want you to regain confidence in your own body and health.                                                                                                        

You will then be able to better help those around you and to live the life you are here for. 




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