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Naturopath & Counsellor


What is Counselling?

Counselling is a safe and confidential engagement between

counsellor and client to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhanced

self-understanding and to resolve identified concerns to make positive

life changes.


As a qualified counsellor I am professionally trained to work with you to

help identify goals and potential solutions to problems that may cause

spiritual, mental, emotional or physical turmoil.

Common reasons to see a Counsellor:

- Are you feeling stuck in your life?

- Do you often feel anxious?

- Are you often feeling moody or unhappy?

- Do you have trouble sleeping?

- Do you feel angry a lot of the time?

- Are you having trouble controlling your emotions?

- Are you a child from a broken home?

- Do you have a negative voice in your head holding you back?

- Do you have trouble liking who you see in the mirror?

- Are you carrying unprocessed grief and trauma?

- Are you working at a job you dislike but you can't leave?

- Are you making life decisions from a foundation of fear?

- Are you in positive, healthy relationships?

- Are you able to speak up for yourself?

- Do you feel confident in making decisions for yourself?

Counselling can help you to:

- Seek and find clarity in certain areas of your life, including who are you? What do     you want? What are your values?

- Focus on resilience and personal growth.

- Recognise and challenge negative though patterns.

- Learn what complex emotions are and how to work through them.

- Learn new techniques to cope with difficult situations.

- Support when going through major life events, such as career changes, divorce.

- Understanding depression and anxiety.

- Understand the affects of grief and bereavement and how to work through them.

- Work through traumatic experiences.

- Learn how to safely process anger and forgiveness processes.

- Feelings of isolation and loneliness.

- Help with relationships.

- Marital counselling.

- Addiction counselling.

- You just feel like you want to talk to someone.

Clients that benefit the most from counselling with me are; 


- Ready to have an honest look into your life.

- You want to find out what your purpose in life is.

You’re ready to investigate how your life choices have created your current situation.

- You’re ready to evaluate patterns of behaviour that are holding you back.

- You’re ready to work through limiting beliefs.

- You want to have meaningful positive relationships

- You want to grow and find your version of health and happiness.

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