Kate Schmutter


Nutritionist,Homeopath, Herbalist, Scientist

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As a qualified counsellor I am professionally trained to work with you to help identify goals and potential solutions to problems that may cause spiritual, mental, emotional or physical turmoil.


Counselling can help you to improve communication and life coping skills, strengthen self-esteem; and promote behaviour change to gain optimal mental health.


Counselling can help you to:


  • Seek and find clarity in certain areas of your life, including what you want.

  • Learn what are complex emotions and how to work through them.

  • Work through grief and bereavement.

  • Work through traumatic experiences.

  • Recognise and challenge negative though patterns.

  • Learn new techniques to cope with difficult situations.

  • Focus on resilience and personal growth.

  • Support when going through major life events, such as career changes, divorce.

  • Understanding depression.

  • Feelings of isolation and loneliness.

  • Help with relationships.

  • Marital counselling.

  • Addiction counselling.

  • You just feel like you want to talk to someone.



I find the clients that get the most out of counselling with me are:


  • Ready to have an honest look into your life.

  • You want to find out what your purpose in life is.

  • You’re ready to investigate how your life choices have created your current situation.

  • You’re ready to evaluate patterns of behaviour that are holding you back.

  • You’re ready to work through limiting beliefs.

  • You want to have meaningful positive relationships

  • You want to grow and find your version of health and happiness.


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