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Naturopath & Counsellor


What is Naturopathy?


Naturopathy is a complete system of health care that uses scientific 

evidence as well as traditional methods to address dis-ease. Naturopathy

treats the the root cause of illness so that overall health will be improved.

We are prevention medicine specialists, often uncovering dis-ease long before

it has become a more serious issue. 

Naturopathic care is well suited to anyone at any age.  

Reasons to see me:

- Have you been feeling tired and unwell for sometime?

- Do you rely on caffeine to get you through the day? 

- Do you relying on pain relief multiple times per week?

- Do you feel bloated or unwell after eating?

- Do you suffer from headaches or migraines?

- Do you suffer from digestive complaints such as IBS, constipation or heartburn?

- Do you suffer from heavy periods or period pain?

- Are you disheartened with diets and trying to lose weight?  

- Have you been seeking health answers and you're not finding them?

- Have you had blood tests that indicate you're fine, but you know you're not?

- Are you frustrated with not knowing/understanding what is going on in your body?

- Are your health issues making you feel defeated? Do you want to feel in control of your health?

- Do you want clarity on what your next steps are to improving your health?

- Has your health taken a backseat for too long? 

My Mission

It is my mission to assess your health, lifestyle, motivation and limiting beliefs so we can plan for your healthy future.

Together we will work out what level of health you want to achieve and set realistic, achievable goals.

I will be there guiding the way and teaching you the tools to take over management of your own health.

I want you to regain confidence in your own body and health.                                                                                                        

You will then be able to live the life you are here for.


Naturopathic Medicine


Meridian Stress Assessment


Western Herbal Medicine


Nutritional Medicine


Homoeopathy/Classical Homoeopathy


Bach and Bush Flower Medicine


Food & Substance Allergy Testing


Digestive disorders

Parasite Cleanse/Gut Repair

Allergies & Skin Conditions


Nutritional Supplements


Dietary Management


Preconception and Pregnancy Care


Natural Fertility

Hair Loss


Childhood acute and chronic illness


Detoxification Programs


Fatigue Syndromes




Healthy Ageing


Weight Loss

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