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Kate Schmutter

Naturopath & Counsellor


I was diagnosed with HPV in August 2014 and I was in the ‘High-risk’ category. The only solution was laser, cutting a bit of my cervix out as there’s currently no cure for high-grade HPV.

Shocked and horrified, I desperately searched for alternate ways to heal myself naturally and avoid the operation – luckily I found Kate Schmutter. Her treatment was truly unique. She also worked closely with my gynecologist so that I could continue to have tests and biopsies to monitor my progress and also have accurate results. I was definitely prepared to have the operation as my last option if I couldn’t heal myself, as suggested by my gynecologist and Kate.

In March 2016, I had my last pap smear and my second biopsy before making a decision about surgery – hard to believe but my pap smear came back completely normal and my biopsy results showed I have no ‘pre-cancer’ cells at all! My gynecologist said “I’m so happy for you, you don’t need the operation anymore”. I just couldn’t stop smiling after I heard my results – I felt that I was off my death bed and I could live my life normally again.

I don’t know how to thank you Kate Schmutter! I’m so grateful for your help, and I will be back for more consultations in the future to maintain my new healthy life!

Thank you so much!



34, Melbourne

Kate is an inspirational Naturopath, Homeopath and Health Teacher. I started to see Kate when I was at a low point, mentally, physically and emotionally. Kate carved out a path of healing for me with simple diet changes, supplements and remedies. Kate's holistic approach also allowed me to do a lot of emotional healing as she provides a great framework of support.  l am so grateful to have been guided by Kate on my health journey and I am now reaping all the benefits. My health has never been better. Kate, I can't thank you enough!



34, Hawthorn

I have struggled with hormones for most of my adult life so it is a blessing I met Kate. She has given me invaluable advice, treatment, care and direction. I used to worry about things more that I should, and with Kate’s treatments I feel empowered to be the happy, energetic, motivated, calm woman I am meant to be. 


Amanda, 43

Port Macquarie

I met Kate two years ago and I can honestly say since having Kate as Naturopath my health has improved dramatically! Since I was 18 I was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and have been prescribed countless medications from Doctors over the years that ended up making me feel worse. Kate has been the first therapist I have seen that has made a difference in my symptoms by allowing them to become more manageable and on top of that has made me feel so much better. Kate doesn't just look at what the initial problem is; she considers all areas related to health that might also be causing the issue especially in relation to gut health. This was really beneficial for me and I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than Kate.   



31, Melbourne

I have been seeing Kate for almost three years now when conventional medicine was doing nothing for me at all. 

Since my very first visit I have been given the opportunity from Kate to be free from anxiety and over active thoughts through her amazing remedies.

Her skills with meridian machine are outstanding and I cannot express enough how much I would recommend everyone to at least try it once you will absolutely not be disappointed



32, Seaford North

I was immediately drawn to Kate's knowledge and caring nature. The main difference between Kate and the doctors I used to see is that Kate really listens to what I had to say and cares about me as a person.

I also have to thank Kate for helping me achieve some massive career goals, her advice and ability to heal you emotionally and physically is truly a gift. Thank you Kate thank you.



33, Melbourne

I cannot recommend Kate highly enough to anyone needing the services of a Naturopath. Kate is compassionate, smart and very patient with each of her clients. She is so knowledgeable and helped my body return to normal after I suffered from leaky gut syndrome along with a few other ailments stemming from leaky gut. 

Kate has qualifications as an Environmental Scientist, along with Homeopathy and other qualifications relating to health and wellness. 

I think she is an amazing woman who can help those suffering from any modern day ailment. 



63, Melbourne

Having been diagnosed with takotsubo cardiomyopathy, tachycardia, cardiac ectopy, inflammation and ongoing lung problems, it was affecting me to the extent that I was breathless, exhausted by daily movement i.e. getting up from a chair, dressing, walking.  I couldn’t muster the breath to change my bed, shower, shop.

Then after being told about Kate and recommended to see her by one of her patients I sought her help after medical resources were exhausted, and absence of positive outcome from doctors.


Within days of being treated, plus supplements, and her assessment


Week 1 – End of first week of treatment, breathing capacity increased and more relaxed with breathing and moving


Week 2 – Wonderful relief in breathing and moving. Tachycardia and ectopics much less


Week 3 – Midweek treatment, better sleep, next to no tachycardia/ectopics, more relaxed with movement and less stress.


I’m amazed at such a good result in such a short time of treatment.

I intend to continue with treatment to and look forward to a better quality of life to enjoy every day; I have increased energy, hope and wanting to enjoy every moment I have of better health, instead of having the odd good day.



73, Port Macquarie


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